Men's Grooming: Watson's Nose and Sideburn Trimmer Kit

The Box
Hehe.. This is a new topic to me. I was bored out of my mind earlier while my other half goes out and about her businesses (trust me, she has plenty.. Sorry luv..) So I decided to go out window shopping. Eventually, I ended up in one of Watson's outlets. I was thinking of inspecting just about every items they have on the shelves - until I bumped into this little kit. 

It is what it says it is (heehh..??) Grooming has always been my forte. Hair is a whole book of issues altogether, and sideburns is a whole chapter by itself - I can never get them to the even length and thickness - do much so that I'd leave them to grow in until my next haircut. I've always thought of getting myself a small electric shaver or something like that but never got around to get it (procrastination is the mother here). 

Anyways, this kit seems handy and appropriate, I didn't even question myself do I really need to buy it? hahaha! Now let's see what's inside..

Nice packing >.<
1. The battery operated unit with default nose and ear trimmer blades, interchangeable. 
2. 9 interchangeable cutting lengths from 0.5 to 16 mm
3. 2 adjustable cutting guides allowing for 8 different lengths
4. A 5-inches barber comb, fine and medium tooth
5. A cleaning brush
6. A holding base

I haven't tried it out yet for two main reasons - I only have a vague idea on how to operate it and I just got my hair cut - sideburn trimmed and all -  a couple of days ago. 

Nonetheless, I'm a little more confident about keeping sideburns, as well as a goatee now that I have something proper to maintain it with. We'll see how it goes from here >.<

The unit and interchangeable accessories

The unit assembled in it's base

If you think being a girl is tough (when it comes to grooming) guys also has the same problem. Difference is that girls have to do the whole routine every single time while guys will probably groom to details maybe once a week or so. With this kit, I dare say it makes things a lot smoother >.< 

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