Boojee af at MBO Cinema, The Spring

This is a two for one – minus the spoilers. And there is a slight chance of this post being rated R – not that I have a potty mouth but it’s just that it fits the theme so, yolo! (lol who says yolo anymore?)

So many first times this time around. First time buying a movie ticket 24 hours before the movie starts (usually it’s a couple of hours to literally minutes before showtime), first time buying tickets at discounted price (thanks MBO!), first time free popcorn (thanks again MBO), and first time having an unobstructed view (I’m 5ft 2, the view is rarely clear from down here).

Owh I almost forgot! First time on the Premier seats (wow, thanks again MBO for making it happen here), and first time NOT having to decide where to meet and hang out before showtime cuz we have the Premier Lounge now (have I not thanked MBO enough? Don’t make me sing (comment down under if you get the reference))

YAASSS! Deadpool was amazeballs! Granted that some of the scenes were deemed by the censorship board to be inappropriate and thus were cut off, it doesn’t heavily affect the movie in general. As much as I want to talk about it more, I hate revealing plotlines and spoilers (come to think of it, now is a good time to learn and implement some spoiler protection code snippets – but I digress).

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I can guarantee you that it is just about everything I had anticipated. Honestly, after the whole Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern episode, I have my doubts. But kudos Ryan for redeeming yourself with Deadpool. (I suppose most of our audience didn't get most of the one-liners and jokes littering the movie, but those who do were literally wheezing their breath!)

So instead, let’s be all boojee and class af with MBO! I was there during their launching of the new and improved cinema experience, incorporating a lifestyle habitat into itself. First improvement, moving the ticket counter just beside the entrance to MBO Cinema, The Spring.

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It’s a great improvement because now the line is literally separated from the food concession area. Back then when there are a lot of patrons, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish where the line for what is (did I mention I am 5ft 2? I’d carry a balloon so my friends don’t lose me in the crowd but I’m also pushing 30!)
But people, when you’re not in line, don’t stand in line. Generally, anywhere, don’t do this.
In place of the old ticketing counters, is the second improvement. Cafecito, a quaint little coffee corner (eh, that rhymes – sort of) serves a menu of hot and chilled drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tea and snacks that you can enjoy pre- or post-movie.
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I’m glad they opened up that area for patrons to wait around. Mostly excited about the Affogato (it’s surprisingly good, minus presentation) and Pretzel Pieces (twice I went, these were still not available but patience, I shall be back).
Next improvement, the Premier Lounge. Yassss, a lounge that you can hang out in, and order drinks and snacks from (you can bring them into the Premier Seats which we’ll get into after this), along with WC so you can freshen up (cuz y’know, you have to look good watching a good movie).

And yyaaassss for Premier Seats! Thank you so much MBO for making it happen! It’s the first and only Premier Seat Cinema in (I believe) the whole of Sarawak (so far). What’s the diff? Well, other than access to the Premier Lounge itself, the Premier Seats are placed at the back of hall number 5, MBO Cinema, The Spring.

Hold up! At the back? Boy the view must suck!

Hear me out boys n girls, the view cannot be better! The Premier Seats are elevated (probably about a storey higher than the normal seats) with each rows elevated much higher than the normal seats. For people like me (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m 5ft 2?) this means no partial heads – or even full heads between me and the screen! (if your thoughts go to the gutter at that sentence, get it out. Now. If not, stay innocent LOL!)

Something worth noting is that with the Premier Ticket, you can enter the Premier Lounge a whole lot earlier even before your showtime, totally bypassing the crowd (I felt boojee af with those tickets in my hand and slightly annoying the people in queue – which btw does NOT look like a queue because a lot of people don’t understand the concept of queuing #siderant)

So yeah, there I was, seated the the most comfortable seats in a cinema I’ve ever had, reclined to the most perfect angle, enjoying the widest screen ever with Auro 3D sound systems that’s super immersive, sipping my cup to Affogato with Gourmet popcorn, watching one of the most anticipated movie of 2016, Deadpool.

I’d post a photo of me looking boojee af in the above paragraph (which I may or may not have) but I believe camera’s and photographing is prohibited. The next best things I can do is say go get yourself the experience of watching a movie in the Premier Hall (that’s hall number 5, ask for Premier Tickets). If you happen to be watching Deadpool, stay til the end – literally. This is Marvel, you know what’s coming. 

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