Me and a Hundred Silenced Group

Well I overexaggerate.. I have 31 WhatsApp group. Yes, THIRTY ONE! I counted once, twice, three times to make sure. Some of you may have less, some of you may have more. I can't speak for you, but me, I've silenced over half of them - for a year. When I do go about clearing the notifications, I would rarely read. I simply tap and hold, and tap clear all messages.

"... why not just leave?"

Because the group was *sceptically* work related, event related etc. etc. I get pop-up notifactions everytime a message in WhatsApp. I would glance to find someone selling something or another, and would simply brush it off.

"... what if there are important bits of information"

... which is directly related to me, people would text me personally or give me a call.

It annoys me most when I get friends promoting one of their products or services. All the "alternatives ways to remove fat, pm me" and "promotion promotion, rm xxx only", I literally clear them off. Yes, even if you're sitting next to me.

Why? The same reason you would toss promotional leaflets into bins. There is NO PERSONAL TOUCH. Fine, you say you're casting the net wide, I'll say throw a good lure and catch a bigger fish.

You say 'help me promote'; then please, word it personally. I would gladly go to my other WhatsApp group and say 'hey, a friend of mine is selling this and this, anyone of you here care to take a look?" IF and ONLY IF you personally ask me 'Hey Rool, could you do me a favor and help me promote this product that I have?'

I'm not saying I'm The Majesty that you have to PERSONALLY ask for favor. If we're friends in the first place, it shouldn't be much of an effort to ask, would it? Add a little compliment here and there, maybe start off with a joke, make me feel like I'm receiveing a message from a friend rather than a text promoting whatever!

You spent so much time typing out the longest wordiest text to promote your product, but took for granted the way you promote them. I'll let you in on a little secret - the best way to promote your product is to get people to ask about it.

"Hey, you know what, I'm starting a book," you say. Any socially competent person, especially a friend would ask you "What book?"

Then you might want to say "Nah but you dont have a child. You might not be interested." That's already telling me that they target audience for the book are parents with children. What age? For boys, for girls? What is it about? I'm getting interested, even if I don't have a child.

After a few exchanges, you say "So yeah. I'm actually selling it for RMxx. Do you mind spreading the word?"

I would definitely say of course! I'll even write a blog about it!